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We really appreciate the kind words we receive from our members. Thank you very much!




Thanks for your prompt, courteous and thoughtful service---as always. I can't tell you, as a business owner, how much it means to know that we are secure with your consistently wise care and advice. There's never a question about your thoroughness, wisdom, and integrity. We all need a safety net, and your technical support is invaluable. Thank you!”
- Ingrid L in Vermont

“Thanks Dan for the computer update. I am very please with your service. I like that everything can be done remotely.”
- Betty B in Vermont

“Thank you so very much for fixing my PC today. It is very nice to have an expert resource like you to help keep me operational. Every thing worked out well as it always does when you do your magic with my PC. Service could not be better. Again, thank you so much.”
- Peter L in Vermont

“Thank you so much for the work you did this morning. You always do a great job and I really appreciate it. Thanks again.”
- Linda L in Vermont

“Thank you for doing the service today. It was done promptly and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly. Very convenient way to keep the thing running well. Highly recommend you guys!”
- Allen M in Connecticut

“We appreciate all you have done for us in keeping our computers up and running correctly. Your service and help when things don’t seem to go as they should has been invaluable. Notifying us when our computers need their scheduled service is such a help. We feel fortunate to have your expertise available to us.”
- Carol A in Vermont

“I could not function without the knowledge that I have Dan and his crew standing behind me! 2WiredGuys are my saviors.”
- Joni B in Vermont

“Thank you so much for the remote cleanup done this morning. It’s so helpful to know that it is well taken care of an so easily - for me at least.”
- Barbara H in Vermont

“Thank you for your service. You make it so easy.”
- Helen E in Vermont

“Great job! I should have called sooner.”
- Tammy P in Vermont

“Thank you very much. You have made my day much more relaxing. I really appreciate your service.”
- Stephan M in Vermont

“Thank you so much for the service on our 2 computers. I am very pleased with the service and prompt attention and like that everything is done remotely. I would recommend your service to others!”
- Betty B in Vermont

“2WiredGuys are absolutely life savers! We had a computer meltdown and they were rigt there to save the day. Thank you so much for not allowing our business to fall apart and for being right on top of the services you promise.”
- Health Equations in Vermont

“I’m taking a moment from playing with my fully functioning computer to thank you for your impressive work.”
- Carol L in Vermont

“Thank you, Dan! Always so nice to know you’re there.”
- Deborah B in Oregon

“Once again, 2WiredGuys has performed excellent service and it is much appreciated. I feel so lucky to have such a great company doing such good work.”
- Brenda B in Vermont

“Thank you for all of your prompt help today Dan! You saved my life !!!!!”
- Kim D in New Hampshire

“Thanks for a great job on today’s laptop cleanup. Your service, expertise and affordability are outstanding!”
- Walt D in Vermont

“You are FABULOUS! Thank you for such extraordinary service!”
- Lynda S in Vermont

“We want to thank you for all the computer problems you solve for us. We appreciate all that you do.”
- Ken L in Vermont

“Thanks so much for doing the maintenance on my computer. I really appreciate your help and thoroughness, and the remote option s so convenient! I can’t remember how I limped along before finding 2WiredGuys!”
- Kim F in Vermont

“Thank you, Dan. A timely and complete job as usual.”
- Peter S in Vermont

“Thanks Dan for the cleanup. I am sure it was needed. You are so friendly and timely.”
- Chris D in Vermont

“Thank you for responding so soon. You have always been there when I needed you. This is very encouraging when I have a problem.”
- Tony G in New Hampshire

“Thank you, Dan for the fine cleanup. It is definitely easier to get online and into email now.”
- Dick B in Vermont

Thank you for the good clean up today.”
 –Elizabeth M. in Maine

“Thanks guys. You have been enormously helpful, as well as patient and good natured!
 – Ruth C. in Vermont

“Thank you for your excellent service today! The appointment was scheduled a little last minute, but you had no trouble fitting in SVTRC’s computer cleanup today! It was much faster than expected and I was able to get right back to work on our desktop quickly.”
 –Amber T. in Vermont

“I was very pleased with what you did for us. It was done efficiently and with good explanations. It was easy to drop off and pick up my laptop. Suggestions for the future were welcome. I am glad to have found someone to back us up when we need help with our laptop!!!!!”
 –Bruce P. in Vermont

“I had me computer cleaned up today and it is running much more swiftly and efficiently than it was prior to the clean up. The service was much appreciated.”
 –Anita W. in Vermont

“Thank you so much for all your help help through the years. This remote work you do for us is amazing. I know I can call or email you and always get a return call. Even when I was in North Carolina and my laptop crashed, you were there to advise me. Thank you so much for your continued service on my computers.”
 – Pat S. in Vermont

“Really appreciate the easy access and good service for my computers.”
 – Neil P. in Vermont

“I've been using 2 Wired Guys since 2008. They are the best. They answer your questions, explain any changes and are wonderful down to earth computer techs. I've just had my computer cleaned up by remote working -- this is a fantastic way to do business! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for computer service. They have always been fast, efficient and highly knowledgeable with great rates for their service.
 – Lois W. in Vermont

“You folks are great! Thanks for my “clean up” and your advice. We are so fortunate to have such a great service in the neighborhood. I really appreciate the mobile service.”
 – Stephan M. in Vermont

“I had a computer problem at an extremely inopportune time I have a service contract with 2 wired guys they took care of the problem remotely the same day.
 – Rick E. in Vermont

“I have used 2WiredGuys now, and each time they have been very helpful, they know their business, very friendly and patient with anyone that knows nothing about computers like me, I appreciate all the service you have giving me and I would recommend you to anyone looking for service on their computer !!!!
 – Deb P. in Vermont

“Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable assistance are given every time I need help with my computer. I trust these guys to do the job with integrity and efficiency. Thanks!
 – Margaret M. in Vermont

“Great folks. Good service. Honest information.”
 – Bill L. in Vermont

“We have been using 2 wired guys to service our computers for a few years now and have always been extremely pleased with the service..”
 – Billl B. in Vermont

“Spent the morning online with 2WiredGuys. What a great job they did. Love the great clean up job they did. As always I highly recommend them for all your computer's ailments.”
 – Penny H. in North Carolina

“We have partnered with 2 Wired Guys since moving to VT in July of 2007. Through thick and thin they have guided us, taught us, recommended and installed new technology, helped us avoid trouble and set us right when trouble happened anyway. We are proud to be loyal clients and will continue to benefit from their care and service into the future.
 – Peter S. in Vermont

“They have always been there for me when i needed their help most often it was done from there business and i did not have to take it in to be done . Very well like all around..”
 – Marilyn, N. in Vermont

“The greatest computer folks you could ever find - knowledgeable courteous, willing to help in any situation! Cannot recommend them enough!.”
 – Elaine M. R.. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys are super! They are very professional and accurate with their work. During a difficult time when your computer system has gone haywire they are the calming force, as well as great in educating and reminding their clients on maintenance, management and upgrades to keep your system running without glitches. I can’t say enough about this service. As Ben Franklin was noted in saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” must be this company’s motto. I often recommend them to by business associates and friends.”
 – Bob S. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys have always been there to help me when I needed it. I am an inexperienced computer person who often makes foolish mistakes and I always can rely on 2WiredGuys to fix the problem. I depend on them entirely.”
 – Sandra D. in Vermont

“Every time I call for service and support 2WiredGuys is on top of it immediately! Fast, efficient, completely satisfying service. These guys are the best. Very well earned 5 starts.”
 – Kim D. in Vermont

I suffer CID (computer illiteracy dysfunction) but 2WiredGuys has saved my computer from my follies. My Dell crashed a few years ago and 2WG were able to save my data and transfer it to my new laptop. I have called on them several times for help and they are always fast in getting back to me and able to solve whatever I throw their way. Professional and efficient service at the shop, your home or remotely. They are the best!!
 – Jackie T. in Vermont

“Every time I get in trouble with the technology, I can always count on these folks to get me back on track. They are absolutely professional, knowledgeable and competent in dealing with the technology. Their prices are very reasonable and the service is outstanding. I have frequently recommended them to friends and acquaintances who usually come back thanking me for the information. As a former Director of Technology for a local school district, I would definitely say that these folks are a far superior choice than any of the chain store techie services.”
 – Neil M. in California

“Technical service is the best in this area. Prompt and efficient. 2 Wired Guys deserve five stars..”
 – Elizabeth G. in Vermont

“Fast, convenient, local people.”
 – Sher W. in Vermont

“Friendly, knowledgeable & trustworthy service.”
 – Louise S. in Vermont

“PROFESSIONAL service. Running a business we can’t be without our technology. 2WiredGuys keeps our computers up to date so that we don’t have down time or problems. Thankfully, we were referred by a friend. After using a few advertised tech services over the years and being inconvenienced on many occasions this was by far the best decision to sign on with 2WiredGuys. You will not find a better tech support service in this area.”
 – Kim N. in Vermont

“We use 2WiredGuys at work, and they have been nothing short of excellent. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. We moved our office location, and they migrated our network, software and equipment without a hitch. They do a great job explaining their work before and after it's done. Their prices are extremely reasonable. I also used their services at home to improve the performance and security of our home system. Again, it was a simple, efficient process with lots of good explanation of what they found and how they fixed the problems. They leave documentation on your system explaining what they did as well as tips to keep your system optimized throughout the year. So, overall, a great combination of knowledge, experience and friendly service.”
 – Mary L. in Vermont

“Over two years ago I was referred to 2 Wired Guys in Brookline, VT as I needed a complete overhaul of my old computer. I was extremely pleased with the work they did in restoring my files and making my old computer usable again. When I purchased a laptop, they expertly transferred my files and made the copies that I needed to restore the laptop if needed. They advised me what I needed to back up my files steering me away from unnecessary expense. I will continue to use their expert service. Jamie is always pleasant-returning calls quickly and giving advice. I recommend 2 Wired Guys to anyone who wants quick, personable and efficient help with the operation and maintenance of their computer.”
 – Lynda S. in Vermont

“Courteous, timely and knowledgeable, and never make me feel clueless. My computer is well taken care of.”
 – Carol L. in Vermont

“Great service- very professional
Remote service is very handy
Highly recommend a yearly subscription- it works out best in the long run.”
 – Kathleen D. in Vermont

“I have been using their service for a few years now. They do a wonderful job keeping our computers running smoothly. It is nice to know that I can always call them when I need help to clear up a problem. They are quick to return calls and always eager to help.”
 – Carla M. in Vermont

“I especially appreciate the computer clean-up without having to physically take the computer to their office in Brookline.
Help is just a phone call away during the day.”
 – Camilla R. in Vermont

“2 Wired Guys has always been very helpful with any computer issue I have had. If they can't assist over the phone, which is very rare, they will come out or have you drop your computer off. I would highly recommend this business!.”
 – Sue E. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys has always been helpful whenever I called and had to bring computer up to their office. And now can watch them do service online. Great!!! Dan and Jamie are the greatest.”
 – Una G. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys is worth every penny! They are knowledgeable, efficient, organized, helpful and patient. Before discovering 2WiredGuys, I spent many frustrating hours either trying to find someone to help me with my computer, or I paid a lot of money for unsatisfactory results. Now I can go to one place, get answers to my questions in a timely way and be assured of excellent service.”
 – Kim F. in Vermont

“I was absolutely delighted with you service - my computer was such a mess that it took much longer than any of thought it would, but you stuck with it through the wedding and vacations, etc. I was extremely happy with everything; will and have recommended you to everyone I know.”
 – Judy D. in Vermont

“Very pleasant and so helpful when I need them the most, which is quite often!”
 – Linda A. in Vermont

“Always patient and helpful.”
 – Ruth C. in Vermont

“Thank you so much for fixing my computer. Jamie was absolutely great and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again and I am happy to be connected to 2WiredGuys.”
 – Betty S. in Vermont

“Thank you very much for all your help, now I can use my laptop. I get so mad at myself, I don’t know how to fix the laptop, but that’s for you guys to do. Thanks again!!!”
 – Deb P. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!”
 – Sherry G. in Vermont

“I am so glad I was told about 2WiredGuys over a year ago. Since then I have had the BEST customer service. All my issues were resolved in a timely manner. Kudos to the 2WG team! I highly recommend them for any issues from a general update to a complete overhaul.”
 – Lynda S. in Vermont

“Thanks for doing a great job, all I had to do is turn it on and you did the rest from Brookline, VT. How easy was that? Great job!”
 – Brenda F. in Florida

“Thank you for getting my printer up and running. SO happy you did a clean up on the computer also!”
 – Sue E. in Vermont

“I enjoy using my computer, but occasionally I run into problems. Thank goodness I have 2WiredGuys who are always there to help me out.”
 – Sandra D. in Vermont

“My email is finally working. I should have called you sooner. Thanks again 2WiredGuys!”
 – Molly M. in New York

“It isn’t difficult for me to find something good to say about 2WiredGuys Computer Service, because I’ve had a very good and satisfactory experience with your computer. I’ve always been able to bring my computer into your Drop-Off Center by appointment for a scheduled cleanup or in order to get even a minor problem solved. Not only are you very informed about various computer problems, but it’s obvious to me that you have a sincere dedication to your work and to me that means you love what you do. I feel fortunate to have a reliable information and repair source at my disposal.”
 – Susan H. in Vermont

“2WiredGuys has been our go-to team for the past four years and they have never let us down. They are professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond to our needs, and great people to work with. We often recommend them to others. Thanks Dan and Jamie!”
 – Bill, Wylie Construction in Vermont

“You guys do a terrific job. I am totally dependent on you when I have a computer problem. Thanks for the great service!”
 – Barbara B. in Vermont

“I have been using 2WG for several years now and have nothing but good things to say. The friendly and dedicated service to me as a customer has been greatly appreciated.”
 – Richard G., Wardsboro Highway Dept in Vermont

“For many years, 2WiredGuys has provided the Stratton Town Office with all aspects of the computer technical support we require to run our office efficiently. They have always been friendly, courteous, professional and very knowledgeable in their services, always responding quickly to our needs and requests. I give my sincere thanks to Dan and Jamie.”
 – Kent Y. Stratton Town Clerk in Vermont

”2WiredGuys has been our computer support company for many years. All of the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, providing the best service around. Our office would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys! ”
 – Kim, Integrated Dermatology in New Hampshire

“You guys are GREAT.”
 – HAPPY CUSTOMER, Sue P. in Vermont

“Thanks for your help today. Everything went so smoothly on all 4 computers and I had a blast watching the screen activity! : )”
 – Karen Y. in Vermont

“I can notice a difference in the way the computer runs. It is smoother/quicker and not glitchy. Thanks so much!”
 – Allan S. in Vermont

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